Welcome to Project Albert.

Stories are a foundational aspect of the human experience. They're the things we hear when we're young, tell when we're old, and make in between.

Stories are important. But it can be hard, sometimes, to tell a fresh story: books are expensive, and you can't always pull something new from the back of your head.

Project Albert tries to make this easier, by creating patterns we can follow so we can get the semantics and structure out of the way and get on to actually creating our stories.

The Albert patterns focus on children's bedtime stories, and attempt to make storytelling easy enough to improvise, whenever they're needed.

What is Project Albert?

Project Albert is an attempt to create a framework, which makes it easy to improvise children's bedtime stories. It's in constant development -- contributions can be made on the Github project page.

You might want to find out more by checking out the about page in the sidebar, or jump straight into the pattern with the albert framework itself

I make Project Albert in my spare time, and as a student in his final year, spare time is thin on the ground. If you think this is neat, or you want this and things like it to be made, please consider contributing via github or donating via bitcoin! Contributions are always helpful, and any money means I can afford to spend time making Albert more complete and more helpful for everybody. You can find the github repository and a bitcoin address in the contributing page in the sidebar.

Thank you for your support.