Contributing to Project Albert is pretty easy! You don't need technical expertise or anything fancy, because Project Albert is entirely a writing exercise.

Adding to the site

The site is published using a tool called Jekyll Over at Github. Github is a place where people can host their code and other people can collaborate and suggest improvements. You can Submit an issue if there's a problem, bug, or something you want to see included or changed.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, submit a pull request! All of the site is written in Markdown, so it's easy to add and change things -- no code required.

If you don't like to (or want to) use Github, you can email me at PROJECTALBERT-at-TOMWALLIS-dot-NET if there's something you want to see included.

Things to do

There's a list of things I need to fix or changed over at the issues page on Github. however, here's a little run-down of some things you might be able to help with that I should really add:

Really, the best way to contribute is via Github, but any suggestions can be emailled at the address above.


People who have added to the site already:


I'm a student and I try to maintain this in my spare time.

Unfortunately, spare time can be hard to come by as a student -- but I really want to work on this as much as I can, and I think it could be genuinely useful to people (as well as it being an interesting example of how to use patterns!)

If you find Albert interesting or useful, and you want to see more things like it, please donate. Every little helps. Thanks.

Bitcoin address: 3Pkot3dVh92pdyqXWaRFszURoJCLUmZEgQ